About the Author

Steven Phillip

A product of the Bay Area in California and having grown up as a baby boomer on adventures with dreamers like Asimov, Heinlein, Herbert, Roddenberry and Lucas, lead Steven down the road of "What if?"
Somewhat a non-conformist, and drawn to questions about the nature of life, lead him to studies focused on the sciences, psychology and philosophy.  Always in search of answers, he imagines that the Milky Way is filled with co-existing exotics rather than with violent consumption-minded monsters.
As a former information specialist for the government, he knows that there are always things that one simply must not talk about.  And that the intrigue associated with such things is much better suited to fiction than to fact.
Furthermore, with three adult children, all daughters, most of his previous work has been in the field of self-directed life improvement.  And if children originally came with an instructions manual, he may not have been motivated to write any of his dreams down for the benefit of others.
So let's all be thankful for unexpected circumstances, and the creative products they generate.

The author may be contacted at CrystalSciFi@yahoo.com