Zhauk Maxwell and his mixed species crew of intergalactic space traders are about to have an extraordinary adventure. Like anyone else, they are trying to get ahead, but that is hard to do. Since every citizen has had a BIRD (Birth Information Retrieval Device) implant since birth, there has been no reason to carry an ID, cash, or credit. Businesses can scan everyone that walks in, and track every product that goes out. This has effectively resulted in the elimination of many crimes, especially robbery, as the Central AI of any community can track the activities, work contributions, and spending of each of its citizens. Yet in spite of their ideal seeming society, someone wants Zhauk and his crew dead!

With the New Galactic Federation elections coming up, the political dynamics are bound to shift. Will all of the member planets follow along blindly? Will the majority of the population continue to be manipulated unknowingly?

In a community of mixed species that includes elves, humans, cyborgs, artificial life, intelligent plants, and other unique beings (each with their own interests and needs) will they continue to get along? There are rumors to the contrary. Is society's impending doom inevitable, or can it be averted?

Follow along as Zhauk and his crew attempt to unravel these mysteries, deal with their personal issues throughout the attempt, and relish in the intriguing adventures they have before them!